Noureddine El Warari – Santa Monica, CA, USA

Born in Casablanca, Morocco, Noureddine is a seasoned photographer and master black & white printer. At the early age of 11, he found an eye for the art with his drug store plastic camera that melted at the beach one hot afternoon. Contributing to his passion for photography was his love of music, which further sparked his interest in that he needed images to match the sounds that he heard while growing up in North Africa.

He studied photography as a science at the University of Texas and then set off to Hollywood where he put his skills to work collaborating with some of the greats in photography – Wiliam Claxston, Herb Ritts, Greg Gorman and Gordon Parks to name a few. Noureddine’s knowledge of the science of the image making process through printing techniques and paper selection brought their prints to another level. Over the years he incorporated the skill of image making into his own photographic style. He became masterful in working the camera angles and getting that unique shot that captures the moment and creates a lasting statement.

Today he continues his photography incorporating music and digitally creative techniques in the presentation of his comprehensive body of work. He is a student of culture and seeks to visually capture the stories of people through their traditions, ceremonies and celebrations. He continues to print for handpicked clientele who are at the top of their field in black & white photography and is a frequent guest lecturer at local colleges and universities.


This website is designed to provide glimpses into his work, techniques and photographic voice.

“My wish would be that people who view these images find at least one that reaches into their soul or touches their heart.